October 17, 2006


I’m loving what ShuffleArt is doing with our beloved Apple products. ShuffleArt designed various unique skins as if the Ipod and MacBooks/Pros don’t look nice enough. The skin is a soft vinyl film which protects against scratches. The best feature about it is that it leaves no resuide when removed and its reuseable when you get tired of the old thing.

– Jon


In recent years, there have been many pushes for more environmentally friendly products. Examples that come to my mind include a variety of goods but jeans are definately not one of them. However, that is about to change next month when Levi’s releases their new ‘Eco’ denim line. The jeans offered in this line include Red Tab and Capital E and are made from 100% organic cotton. More info here.

– phil


Aug -11 2007 : New Updated Information on CiRCA. (CLICK HERE)
Here’s a sneak peek of the much anticipated CiRCA. Check out the updated pictures and video of the inside.

The hype over this venue has been ridculious and there is a certain amount of buzz over a new nightclub that hasn’t existed in the city of Toronto. The nightclubs located around “Richmond (St.)”, or otherwise known as “clubland”, have been very generic and boring. The spoiled suburban kids who exile to this clubbing district every weekend don’t seem to mind. But nightclub pioneer Peter Gatien (who owned several hip nightclubs in New York City such as Tunnel, The Limelight and the Palladium, only to be deported back to his native land due to a tax felony) looks to change the face of Toronto clubbing by opening a very unique venue called Circa. Gatien is planing to convert a 53,000- square-foot, four-floor mega-complex in the heart of Toronto‚Äôs Entertainment District which was once Lucid nightclub which had little success after taking the space from Playdium, an interactive arcade.

What is so unique about Circa is the fact that Gatien has been working with several artists, designers and architects to make sure Circa does not fail at any account and become the talk of the town.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect from Circa: Read the rest of this entry »

Beck – The Information

October 17, 2006


The new album from Beck recently came out and to be frank, I wasn’t expecting much. After listening to the entire album about 4 or 5 times while studying, the songs are actually stuck to me and were pretty catchy.

Although I liked to think I know what Beck is singing about in this album, I really have no clue in what the lyrics mean nor do I really care. It’s just a good listen. Produced by Nigel Godrich (who produced songs for Radiohead), the tracks are very well produced however they can be a bit formulaic and repetitive. In my opinion, the album sounds like a definite successor to the

For Beck fans, you’re always expecting his new album to be the next ‘Odelay’ or another mellow bittersweet album such as ‘Sea Change’. I’m not saying ‘The Information’ is bad, in fact, I actually like ‘The Information’. I’m just not used to Beck singing about spaceships and travelling through space. Well..he is a Scientologist. No matter how absurd or abstract his music is , you can’t deny Beck’s unique sound. I really admire Beck’s ability to experiment with his music in every album he produces. That alone should make you want to check out his music. Even if it is Scientology propaganda.
Must Listen:

‘Elevator Music’
‘No Complaints’
‘Think I’m In Love’
‘New Round’

– Jon


Websites are a dime a dozen and if you surf the internet as much as Speakeasy, you need a way to filter the crap on the internet. DesignCharts, a weekly top 40 website design charts. Think Billboard for web designers, apparently they are the new rockstars (according to the site). If that is true, where are my groupies? Ha. Check the site out, you’ll be amazed by the web work you will see on these pages. Who said flash/web art was done?

– Jon


To all the Canadian sneakerheads out there, Sneakerpimps will be making their visit to Toronto on October 20th, 2006 starting from 8pm at 99 Sudbury. Rapper/producer Pete Rock and artist Dave White will be set to make appearances. Also, there is a scheduled presentation for a a special pair of Nike Air Force 1 by Nike. Sneakerpimps will also be in Vancouver on 4th November, 2006. Information courtesy of andreas on Superfuture news.

– phil

The Sneakerpimps show for Vancouver which was originally scheduled for November 4th has been cancelled. It has now been rescheduled for Friday, December 1st, 2006.