Beck – The Information

October 17, 2006


The new album from Beck recently came out and to be frank, I wasn’t expecting much. After listening to the entire album about 4 or 5 times while studying, the songs are actually stuck to me and were pretty catchy.

Although I liked to think I know what Beck is singing about in this album, I really have no clue in what the lyrics mean nor do I really care. It’s just a good listen. Produced by Nigel Godrich (who produced songs for Radiohead), the tracks are very well produced however they can be a bit formulaic and repetitive. In my opinion, the album sounds like a definite successor to the

For Beck fans, you’re always expecting his new album to be the next ‘Odelay’ or another mellow bittersweet album such as ‘Sea Change’. I’m not saying ‘The Information’ is bad, in fact, I actually like ‘The Information’. I’m just not used to Beck singing about spaceships and travelling through space. Well..he is a Scientologist. No matter how absurd or abstract his music is , you can’t deny Beck’s unique sound. I really admire Beck’s ability to experiment with his music in every album he produces. That alone should make you want to check out his music. Even if it is Scientology propaganda.
Must Listen:

‘Elevator Music’
‘No Complaints’
‘Think I’m In Love’
‘New Round’

– Jon


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