Circa Nightclub – One of a Kind…

October 17, 2006


Aug -11 2007 : New Updated Information on CiRCA. (CLICK HERE)
Here’s a sneak peek of the much anticipated CiRCA. Check out the updated pictures and video of the inside.

The hype over this venue has been ridculious and there is a certain amount of buzz over a new nightclub that hasn’t existed in the city of Toronto. The nightclubs located around “Richmond (St.)”, or otherwise known as “clubland”, have been very generic and boring. The spoiled suburban kids who exile to this clubbing district every weekend don’t seem to mind. But nightclub pioneer Peter Gatien (who owned several hip nightclubs in New York City such as Tunnel, The Limelight and the Palladium, only to be deported back to his native land due to a tax felony) looks to change the face of Toronto clubbing by opening a very unique venue called Circa. Gatien is planing to convert a 53,000- square-foot, four-floor mega-complex in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District which was once Lucid nightclub which had little success after taking the space from Playdium, an interactive arcade.

What is so unique about Circa is the fact that Gatien has been working with several artists, designers and architects to make sure Circa does not fail at any account and become the talk of the town.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect from Circa:

Information Via Workhouse Underground

Circa is a 53,000 square foot, 4 story space at the corner of John St. and Richmond St. in the heart of downtown Toronto’s nightclub district that can hold up to 3,000 people. The main floor features a large dance floor and grand stage backed by the DJ booth and VIP area. Towering above the dance floor, are three more floors featuring undulating balconies which provide a clear view of the action below. While grand in scale, Circa will feature a multitude of intimate areas, each with its own distinct vibe, where visitors can interact on a more personal level.

In a purposeful departure from the usual nightclub entrance, Circa will feature two entrances and an indoor cueing area flanked by art display cases. The ‘indoor entrance’ is designed to help curb sidewalk congestion and enable visitors to gain access to the venue in a more civilized fashion.Once inside, art patrons and club goers alike will travel down a grand hallway that will feature video installations by cutting edge artists on floor to ceiling video walls that extend 40’ into the space. As visitors continue towards a low-tech light installation at the end of the hallway, the video wall breaks to reveal a series of glassed-in display cases that will house art installations and other surprises that will be changed on a regular basis.

“We had a washroom bar at the Tunnel in New York,” says Gatien. “When I meet people who partied there back in the 80’s they inevitably tell me that their most memorable nights happened in that bar. There is something about the concept that people really respond to. It’s this kind of unique feature that makes the experience in my venues so unforgettable. You’ve just got to be there to get it.”

Central to the venue is the main dance floor which can accommodate more than 1000 people as they groove to the DJ’s beats, or rock to a live band. The ceiling soars 4 stories above, and will feature hanging three-dimensional forms which can be ‘animated’ using a specially designed, high-tech light and video projection system. The sound system on the main floor will be one of five, separate, state-of-the-art systems delivering unparalleled sound quality throughout the space.

The You Me Bar is located just off the main dance floor and is designed to heighten interaction with a bit of playful voyeurism. Convex mirrors along the bar top will provide a convenient place to fix hair, or touch up makeup while ordering a drink. The mirrors also house small cameras which will broadcast images of club goers onto plasma screens mounted above the bar fueling a whole new level of social interaction.

Set high above the main dance floor the ultra-exclusive DJ booth is the perfect altar for the high priests of beat. Three different turntable configurations will offer DJs the flexibility to work with their setup of choice – appeasing even the most particular beat hustler. The DJ booth also houses one of the more coveted spots in the venue: the DJ’s own private pad for his or her crew and guests.

Located on the second floor, the Sensa Bar will dazzle the senses with its interactive, touch-sensitive surfaces. Designed to react to touch, and even movement, the bar’s patented Sensacell surface lights up when an object (or limb) makes contact. The highly responsive surface can be programmed to react in a variety of ways creating lively interactions between patrons. Two private booths within the Sensa Bar will entertain club-goers with even more interaction: touch-sensitive tables within the booths will allow patrons to control light and sound fixtures in the immediate area by touching various parts of the table.

Glide down one of the venue’s unique aerial walkways on the second floor and you will find yourself in the sensual Sauna Bar. Modeled after a traditional Swedish sauna, the space features natural wood paneling, low benches and bunches of Venik – thick bunches of birch leaves used to promote circulation in traditional saunas – hanging from the ceiling. This is the place to relax and chill with friends as white towel clad bartenders serve up herbaceous martinis.

Designed to resemble a surrealistic 1920’s Italian ballroom, the space will feature luxurious leather banquettes, rich tapestries and ornate columns creating a space that envelops you in luxury. Fully self-sufficient with it’s own bar, DJ booth, and live concert stage, The Campari Ballroom features more than 4,100 square feet and can accommodate more than 600 people. It is the perfect setting for intimate live performances, private parties, or corporate events.

Make your way to the back of Circa’s third floor and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the comfortable chic of Skyy Cinema Lounge. Taking inspiration from the clean lines of Eero Aarnio’s famous pod chair the ultra-mod room is the perfect venue for film screenings or an intimate private party and features a bar, DJ booth and a 16-foot film screen.

Yes! It’s true: Kidrobot is coming to Circa – along with Dunny, Munny, and all their friends! Paul Budnitz, Founder of Kidrobot and premier purveyor of urban vinyl and plush collectables has designed a one-of-a-kind, limited edition, (but not collectable), Kidrobot Room at Circa. While rumours abound, final plans for the room will not be unveiled until closer to the opening of the venue.”

When Peter Gatien does finally open the doors to offically launch Circa, it better live up to the hype. Slated for it’s initial opening for April 2006, Gatien delays, delays and delays. After months of delay, it is the middle of October 2006 and no word when Circa will open its doors to Toronto. The one-of-a-kind nightclub and entertainment venue that will link Toronto to the global meccas of New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. From what sounds like a very unique and interesting venue, here’s hoping Circa doesn’t join the many overbudgeted, overhyped clubs in Toronto that seem to fail within months of its openings.

For more information on Circa and Peter Gatien, read this New York Magazine article as well as this site.

Official Site of CiRCA

– Jon


22 Responses to “Circa Nightclub – One of a Kind…”

  1. mark maio Says:

    when are you opening? what about bar staff?

  2. mark maio Says:

    did you post jobs yet?

  3. Matty Says:

    I’ve been hearing that this place won’t open… tragic… since we need an alternative to Toronto’s MUZIK nightclub as it just gets shittier every week…

    Open Circa NOW… we need fresh meat….

    And please get a decent house dj… sorry did i say decent… CIRCA needs a dj that will devastate the music scene… so decent wont do…:)

  4. Jonathan Ng Says:

    CiRCA Nightclub is opening for business September, 2007

    CiRCA is looking for people to fill all positions, Bartenders, Bottle
    Service, Shooter Girls, Front Cash, Hosts, Hostess’s, Bussers & Bar
    Backs. Interviews will take place at 126 John St, Wednesday August 8th 2007 from
    6:00pm till 9:00pm, please bring a resume and current picture if possible.

  5. Jonathan Ng Says:

    New Circa Update available tomorrow at our new revamped website at:

  6. […] into the renovating CiRCA, I was honestly enthused to see how far CiRCA has come since our October 2006 article. I must say it won me over instantly when I stepped in the front of the venue. An indoor queuing […]

  7. Taylor Kormann Says:

    Hi, Is it possible to get a tour of this club, I’m an event planner and i’m looking for a new and exciting venue for a rather large gala my company will be hosting in May 2008. Please contact me as i’m interested in discussing this venue to see if it would be a fit.

    Taylor Kormann
    Event Planner
    Television Bureau of Canada

  8. Bruce Says:

    If you are looking for advertising opportunities, let me know.
    Events, Meetings, Marketing, Style, Strategy, Ideas.

  9. Nick_Angel_ Says:

    Hello There,
    Please add me to you email Distribution List,

    Also let me know if Circa cater for private parties.
    ie, Christmas Parties, Customer / Supplier outings etc.
    Once I recieve a reply I will then
    forward my personal operations information.

  10. greg Says:

    I have been hearing that this place is not opening until late Fall !!! Is this true ?

  11. greg Says:

    It was going to open TONIGHT but don’t think this is happening….. ?

  12. kevin Says:

    This club needs to wipe out all the other craps in the city…

    also what jobs are being offered if not already done?

  13. Kristina Says:

    Someone told me you are still looking to hire bartenders? Is this correct and if so can I come in to speak to someone?

  14. […] 5 oktober is de officiele opening van de nachtclub CiRCA (van Peter Gatien) in Toronto. Op zich niks bijzonders, maar Kidrobot is daar ook aanwezig omdat er […]

  15. Alex Says:

    Hi I would like to be a part of your team,, I am a Dj looking for opportunity to start fresh

  16. Alex Says:

    I can play anything from electro house to trance,, need a break in the city….

  17. doobey Says:

    haha ya don’t we all?…have u played anywhere so far?

  18. Tess Says:

    I know you guys have been open for a couple of months now…but wanted to know if you were perhaps in the need for another attractive bartender or shooter girl?? I have experience, bartending certificate, smart serve,and am fast and efficient. I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

  19. DIY Makeup Says:

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