You’ve probably seen it already on the web or on someone elses blog but I had to post this commercial from Sony BRAVIA. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, (who’s famed from ‘Sexy Beast’ but most particular from his music videos which featured Radiohead, U.N.K.L.E, and Richard Ashcroft just to name a few) he does an amazing job on the ad which involved 70,000 litres of paint exploding in and around an apartment building. You have to feel for the crew as it took 6 days to clean the entire mess.

Regardless, the end result looks spectacular. I know it’s a commercial but to me, this is art at its finest. Music from Ludwig Van just adds a cherry on top of this masterpiece.

Here’s the commercial from Sony BRAVIA’s official site. Don’t you dare watch it on Youtube. Trust me it’s not the same.

While you’re on the BRAVIA site, you might as well check out the previous advertisement named ‘BRAVIA Balls‘, which featured 25,000 bouncing balls going down the streets of San Francisco.

[Image via Sony BRAVIA]

– Jon



Here’s an interesting article that I came across at Dexigner Design Portal. Illustration Magazine Varoom by The Association of Illustrators, will release their second issue next month. The magazine examines international trends in illustrations in contemporary society. Varoom regularly features interviews and profiles of artists around the world, with the next issue looking at artists ranging from Iranian to Japanese backgrounds. The magazine will also include regular features from respected designers and critics discussing the contemporary illustration scene. Varoom will be available in design and gallery bookshops in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada, as well as on subscription. Look for it in November 2006.


SE watch

This elegant and sophisticated design watch does much more than tell time. Wirelessly connected to your handset, it is a natural part of your moblie life. A must-have for your personal collection.

  • Classically designed analog Bluetooth watch
  • Time indicator: analog and digital from phone
  • Bluetooth functionality: up to 7 days
  • Analog time keeping: up to 7 additional days
  • Weight: approx. 185g

Check out the video at

– A style

The Fader Magazine Issue 41

October 18, 2006

Not only is The Fader my FAVORITE magazine to read but the fact that offer it online for free from time to time, makes it THE best damn magazine period. Read Issue 41 (PDF) as well as check out their music mix on iTunes.

– Jon