TBG – Too Black Guys Fall ’06 Collection

October 19, 2006


It is not very often that a fashion label out of Toronto, Canada makes so much noise in the streetwear scene but Too Black Guys or better known as TBG deserves every bit of the attention. To be honest, I haven’t heard of this line much till recently although rappers such as Ice Cube and Leaders of the New School have been reppin the brand since the 90’s. It was the interview with Inquiringmind that first caught my attention, and so I went to their site to take a look at their clothing. I was pleasantly surprised with what they had to offer in terms of design as the colours they used were fresh and the designs were clever.

However, TBG touches on an extremely sensitive subject in the context of race, as many of their satirical designs play on the theme of slavery. This will definately be one of those things where people hate it or love it depending on how they perceive TBG’s message. To see more of the collection, go to High Snobiety or visit TBG’s website.



2 Responses to “TBG – Too Black Guys Fall ’06 Collection”

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  2. bigdough74 Says:

    TBG is dope i wish people would stop sleepin on them, just shows without hype people always will continue too sleep on dope shit !!! keep it up peep game http://www.greyone.com/shop/shop-brand-c-1_11_46.html

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