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Nike Un-tiffany Dunks?

October 20, 2006


I just came across this pics at nicekicks.com via Niketalk. If they are actually real and are planning to come out, then they are definately one of the nicer Dunks I have seen in a while. Although not as hot as the original Tiffany Dunks, these come pretty close. The past year or so, I have been losing interest in the newer released Dunks, and Nike shoes in general, but it is shoes like this that keep me looking out still. According to nicekicks.com, these are set to drop in December, so be on the lookout.



October 20, 2006


The Newport, California based clothing company has an unique way of promoting their clothing line. Known for their preppy meets surfer look, the people from Trovata come up with fictional stories to market their seasonal collections. From their website, customers can read the narrative as they acquire about their apparel. Their latest novella for the Fall 2006 collection called ‘A Mountain Spelled M-U-R-D-E-R’ is definitely an amusing read. The clothes aren’t bad either.

– Jon


One of the more interesting designs and collab for t-shirts I have seen in a while. It’s a simple Stash graffiti signature and two rusted spray cans at the bottom. The black and white backgrounds for the tees give it a simple feel and at the same time contrasting the image of the cans. As much as I want these t-shirts, I will probably have a hard time finding them in Toronto (probably have to scour eBay). The two artists (Stash and Slick) will also be exhibiting at Melt Gallery LA. More info and images on the t-shirts at SlamXHype via Mr. Kim. Info on the gallery exhibition available at Supertouch Blog.