Eminem has teamed up with Nike and designed 8 sets (64 pairs of shoes in total) of limited-edition sneakers in the Air Max series, from the Air Max ’87 to the most recent Air Max 360. These limited-edition Air Max sneakers are autographed by Eminem and put on eBay to raise money for the disadvantaged youths around the world. All 100% of the proceeds will go to the Marshall Mathers Foundation and UNHCR’s ninemillion.org campaign.

Check out the eBay auction for more details.

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TechnoMarine became a major sponsor of the annual Gumball 3000 Rally. For its 6th annual edition of the racing marathon, TechnoMarine has partnered with Gumball 3000 to design a stylish limited edition piece. This Black PVD chronograph set in 135 full cut white diamonds and will be restricted to 1000 pieces only. A must have item for your personal collection.

Check out Technomarine.com to see more of their gorgeous collections.

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With so many mass marketing ads around nowadays, advertisers find it more and more difficult to get noticed. Here are some really creative and clever ads that different companies have used in public spaces to grab the attention of people. More pictures of the creative ads can be seen here.