A.P.C x Nike Court Tradition

November 4, 2006


High fashion brand A.P.C and Nike have collaborated on a pair of Nike Court Tradition. Like A.P.C’s line of clothing, these shoes have a clean and simple look, which is quite rare among all the shoes Nike has been putting out recently. An interesting detail on the shoe is on the tongue, where there is an imprint of a tennis racquet and guitar. Check out the rest of the pics at Kix and the City.



Pics from Kix and the City


2 Responses to “A.P.C x Nike Court Tradition”

  1. jackson Says:

    the imprint is a.p.c logo

  2. ch1nawhyte Says:

    So much for Mssr. Touitou’s rhetoric of anti-branding! First the apc logo tees, now this? A collaboration with one of the world’s most notorious big brands! I guess its been a long time and much has changed since those early interviews.

    long live jean touitou the rockstar… (while i look elsewhere for apparel with integrity)

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