American Gulag

November 5, 2006

American Gulag is a series of bracelets made of tough and durable rubber and/or stainless steel that simulate barbed wire. Created by the Richter Studio based in Rhode Island, USA, Gulags are based on the prisoners who went against the Soviet Union government and sent into secret prison camps where they would be abused and often killed. The American Gulag are created to support human rights and fighting the American’s “war on terror” which is responsible for illegal imprisonment, torture and murder (ie. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay).

The bracelets are available in black or white rubber for $17 (USD) and the Sterling Silver $275 (USD). A portion of sales will be donated to a human rights organization dedicated to fighting these injustices. Think of them as the new yellow wrist band in which Lance Armstrong used to support Live Strong and Cancer Awareness. It’s for a good cause, they look pretty cool and inexpensive to say the least (Well, i’d take a pass on the sterling silver bracelet. It’s a bit steep just to support a cause in my opinion.)

 [Richter Studio – American Gulag]

– Jon


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