Apple (finally) Releases Core 2 Duo Macbooks

November 8, 2006

After months upon months of speculation, Apple has released their new line of Core 2 Duo Macbooks providing better battery life, faster processing speed, more RAM & bigger hard drives. Replacing the original Intel Core Duo macbooks, it comes in similar configurations (2 white, 1 black) and has subtle changes which are all internal. Similarily to the Macbook Pros, all changes are performance upgrades. Prices range from $1099 – 1499 USD (the Canadian store is down at the moment.) While I recently purchased a Black Macbook just two months earlier, this is the worst possible news ever. That is why I will end the post here.



2 Responses to “Apple (finally) Releases Core 2 Duo Macbooks”

  1. wildworks80 Says:

    That totally sucks for you.

  2. Jonathan Ng Says:

    i feel you man. haha

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