Nokia Aeon – Concept Phone

November 8, 2006


Although not really new info, here’s a really sleek concept phone that Nokia has come up with. Known as the ‘Aeon’, this phone will have a touchscreen that will cover one surface of the extremely thin phone. Although not as exciting as the bendable Nokia 888 (possibly fake??), the Aeon seems to be more realistic and hopefully we will see it soon in the time horizon. See more here.

– phil


5 Responses to “Nokia Aeon – Concept Phone”

  1. faraz Says:

    hello i vane no the price nokia 888 tank you…

  2. raja ravivarma Says:

    i want to know the prize of nokia aeon…

  3. vijay Says:

    aeon phon praise contec my mail

  4. mostafa sakr Says:

    hello all .. can any one tell me how i get that phone i mean i wanna buy it and what is the price

  5. waqas chauhan Says:

    i want to buy this Nokia Aeon phone so plz kindly tell me the price of this phone. plz its urgent!!

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