Tom Dixon Lacoste

November 9, 2006

Contemporary designer Tom Dixon works with Lacoste as the first designer to ‘reinterpret’ the classic polo for the Holiday Collector’s Series. The results are two styles of polo shirts constructed of materials that are durable and ecological. The Techno Polo combines the hi-tech weaving of lurex fibres and cotton while the Eco Polo makes use of indigo dye and adds stitching along with rougher edges on the sleeves for a more ‘distressed’ feel. These two styles are quite refreshing when the majority of the polos in the world share similar styles and materials. In addition, both styles will come in their own distinct packaging. These will be in stores on selected stores on November 15th, however I believe that they are out already in Hong Kong at Juice. More info at Tom Dixon Pour Lacoste.




3 Responses to “Tom Dixon Lacoste”

  1. […] Last week, we took a look at the Tom Dixon Lacoste golf shirts. Here’s the ‘Slouch’ chair he’s created with extra-padded seat and a honeycomb pattern. These have not been produced yet, but it will surely be a hit when it comes out. Info from Wallpaper magazine. […]

  2. krupatel24 Says:

    Tom Dixion is great! His work with Lacoste looks amazing and something that i would invest in as I am all for eco-friendly products. His Very talented and I actually like his work a lot … The super contemporary exhibition is really a must see because he is exhibiting their and he has proven that even the oldest pieces of machineries can be converted so that it is eco-friendly. At the exhibition he has played around with the 1949 Bentley Chassis – Lovely piece of machinery!! Enjoy it of you can šŸ™‚

  3. […] designed plastic polo. 2006: British lighting and furniture designer Tom Dixon created the first series that included an indigo dyed eco polo and a lurex/cotton blend techno […]

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