Now You Know by Tony Arcabascio

November 10, 2006


Written by Alife’s cofounder, Tony Arcabascio, “Now You Know”is 3 years of compiled short stories and articles he wrote when he was working for Arkitip magazine (which you may know from their exclusive limited edition catalogs).

“Now You Know” seems like a very interesting and humourous read. I’m tired of the mundane novel and I hardly have the patience to sit through one whole story. This is something I definitely would pick up when I’m in the need to procrastinate or feel the urge to read about something random. Artkitip describes the book as a “‘how to’ for the street smart”. So if you’re ever in the need to torch your boss’ car or looking to get some love from the ladies, you might want to check this out.

– Jon




4 Responses to “Now You Know by Tony Arcabascio”

  1. clayton Says:

    where is it sold? clayton

  2. Jonathan Ng Says:

    They are available in selected stores. I know it is was available at Reset (
    803 Queen Street West) in Toronto however I’m not quite sure if they are available anymore. But I think your best bet is online:

  3. Randy Says:

    Got mine here, great read! Alife rules!

  4. Jonathan Ng Says:

    Thanks for the link Randy!

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