Puma’s 96 Hours

November 11, 2006


96 Hours is the end result of the collaboration from German sportwear company Puma and designer Neil Barrett. The collection is urban, smart and targeted towards the style conscious on-the-go traveler. In my opinion, the philosophy behind the brand strikes a strong similarity to Puma’s native rival Adidas and their collaboration project with Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3. 

Although it seems Adidas has already reached this particular market, it’s nice to Puma stepping out of their element and trying to branch out to other elements such as higher end street fashion. The collection to me seems very casual and minimal, which ranges from zip jackets and hoodies to footwear and travel accessories that include a line of luggage and messenger bags.

96 Hours men’s and women’s collections are available now in selected cities. However, if you happen to live in a largely populated city or a big commercial market, you probably won’t have trouble finding for it. (It’s a shame it’s not available for us, Canadians) For the list of retail shops carrying Puma’s 96 Hours brand or a view of the current collection, go and head on to 96 Hours.

– Jon


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