New Gucci Store – Ginza, Tokyo

November 11, 2006


This fall, Gucci opens their new flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo. What’s special about this new location is that it is the first ever Gucci flagship to be housed in its own building. The 8 story tower is constructed with two layers of hanging glass panels that are clear and bronze. The result is an illuminated glow effect that radiates with a light installation in the nighttime.

Inside the first three stories of the shop, you will see men’s and women’s collections of handbags, luggage, accessories, and other staple Gucci goods. As well, the Gucci Cafe, located on the 4th floor, will allow shoppers can take a break from shopping and enjoy a view of the Ginza cityscape. The 6th floor is reserved for future gallery space. If that’s not enough, Gucci is introducing their “Made to Order” program where special custom orders will be taken for handbags to be handmade at Gucci’s Italian Workshop, while you are allowed to choose the most precious materials Gucci has to offer. This perk will be exclusive at the Ginza store. See more at the Gucci site.



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