November 12, 2006

jellyfish.JPG is known as the Internet’s first buying engine. Like any shopping search engine, Jellyfish helps you find the product you are looking for at the lowest cost. What’s different is that you’ll receive automatic savings on everything you buy through the site. Jellyfish promises to share at least half of every $1 they earn when you shop. Online stores compete for your attention through Jellyfish, by paying Jellyfish to get on top of the rankings, rather than advertising. So pretty much, the more they pay, the more money you receive as cashback when you purchase your product.

Another cool feature on their site is Smack Shopping where a limited number of items are put up for the Deal of the Day for a limited amount of time. As the time goes down, the cashback savings offered by Jellyfish goes up until the cashback equals the purchase price of the item. So essentially, the longer the item is up, the cheaper it is when you purchase it.

More information on how this works and how to sign up at Jellyfish.



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