Tom Dixon Chair

November 16, 2006


Last week, we took a look at the Tom Dixon Lacoste golf shirts. Here’s the ‘Slouch’ chair he’s created with extra-padded seat and a honeycomb pattern. These have not been produced yet, but it will surely be a hit when it comes out. Info from Wallpaper magazine.



3 Responses to “Tom Dixon Chair”

  1. KK Says:

    Hey it looks good : )

  2. sphieal Says:

    Yeah, the stuff he designs are pretty impressive.

  3. krupatel24 Says:

    That chair looks so comfortable ….. I’ve actually just come to learn all about his work and I think its terrific and that it’s in lieu with helping preserve the environment. I happened to come across his work at the Super Contemporary Exhibition at the London Design Museum where an eco-friendly engine that belong to a 1949 Bentley Chassis is on show. A must see and there is a ticket giveaway to which you should use if interested. I can also sort some tickets out for you ….

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