Visvim FBT Ancestor & Mowat Moccasin

November 20, 2006


I just came across these at The Hideout Store. New models of the Visvim FBT Ancestors and Mowat Moccasins. Personally, the FBT Ancestors are one of my favourite models. The Ancestors come in Black, Brown, Sand and Snow Beige while the Mowats are available in Black, Brown and Sand. Two great pairs of shoes for the winter season. See more here.



2 Responses to “Visvim FBT Ancestor & Mowat Moccasin”

  1. These FBT’s are superior in comfort, if you can get past their unique styling. One issue, besides the price, is that they’re probably made in China. It seems to go against Visvim’s philosophy — not that quality products can’t be made in China — but you’d expect a pair of $300 sneakers be made in a First World country.

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