The Rejection Collection – Rejected New Yorker Cartoons

November 22, 2006

Just came across this while browsing Vice Magazine. The Rejection Collection is a compilation of cartoons that were pretty much rejected (my apologizes for a lack of a better word) from The New Yorker. The New Yorker, with a history of awards, mostly puts out stuff that’s witty and classy. Accordingly, some of these cartoons couldn’t be published because they were deemed ‘unappropriate’ or just simply did not make the cut. Well this book gives you a chance to take a look at them. Some are quite clever, but nonetheless most are good for a couple of cheap laughs. Check out some favourites by Vice and Eat The Press.



2 Responses to “The Rejection Collection – Rejected New Yorker Cartoons”

  1. Heyy, Awesome post! I will definatley be coming back soon!=)

  2. […] profile, which I scanned one afternoon from a collection of rejected New Yorker cartoons (The Rejection Collection: Cartoons You Never Saw, and Will Never See, in The New Yorker). All of the artists in it filled out this profile, which I loved so much that I erased one example […]

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