Ikepod Watches

December 6, 2006

IKEPOD watches, designed by Marc Newson, produces luxury wristwatches that differentiates them greatly from other traditional luxury wristwatch makers. Focused around simplistic designs and putting emphasis on organic harmony with the wearer, IKEPOD watches look to deliver a timepiece that fits fluidly around the wrist. The IKEPOD watchband joins together with the case appearing as a single interrupted whole. As a fan of chronograph watches, the one that appeals the most to me is the Megapode (above picture). IKEPOD definately does a good job bringing together simplicity along with elegance.



IKEPOD Hemipode


One Response to “Ikepod Watches”

  1. MarcKy Says:

    my opinion is that ikepod watches are the best,the watch world needs to be reinvented–again,and we need ikepod watches here in portugal.

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