Liful Autumn/Winter 2006 Collection

December 6, 2006

liful.JPG Liful is one of the first streetwear brands that I heard of coming out of South Korea. Their designs are really eye-catching especially the Contour Line Zip Hoodie. It’s really good to see some fresh companies from around the world popping up. It definately allows for different influences from various cultures to be brought into the streetwear industry. I feel that Liful’s gonna garner a lot of attention from the streetwear scene so be on the lookout for them. Info and pics courtesy of BigMag via Hypebeast.



One Response to “Liful Autumn/Winter 2006 Collection”

  1. Lean Says:

    Thank you for this post and information!
    This is what I call “cool”!!
    I’ve visited today this urban fashion site. I really liked it! Maybe you will too, it has some very cool and artistic t-shirts and hoodies. Streetwear is the best !


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