The Vice Guide To Travel

December 11, 2006


When VICE decided to produce a travel guide, you had to have a slight hunch it wasn’t going to have the same content you’d expect in your typical Fodor’s or Lonely Planet. Known for its controversial content, VICE often provides an ironic pose on today’s world and society. So instead of visiting Disneyland or Rome, VICE decided to visit the most fucked up locations on this planet. Places you don’t hear about. The idea turned into The VICE Guide To Travel, which features 7 short documentaries of the best places NOT to visit.


Correspondents from VICE magazine were sent around the world to go to the planet’s most dangerous and weird destinations. A trip to the slums (or favelas) of Rio de Janeiro, visiting the world’s largest illegal gun market in Pakistan, searching for the “last dinosaur” in the heart of the Congo jungle, dropping by to meet the last Nazis in Paraguay, surveying the lands of Chernobyl, checking out a PLO Boy Scouts camp sponsored by the Hezbollah in Beirut and meeting the guy who sold bombs to Bin Laden in Bulgaria are the feature highlights of the disc.


VICE prides itself on being controversial and openly forward about taboo topics which has given them a negative reputation among journalists and the news communities however, I definitely applaud them for showing the viewers (especially Westerners) what is actually happening around the world. Although this DVD is humourous, ironic, and absurd, its far more real, informational and intriguing than any other 1/2 hour news broadcasts I’ve seen as of late. Some of these segments such as the PLO Boys Scouts camp in Beirut was extremely distrubing and shocking to me.


My only complaint about this DVD was the length. I was left kind of unsatisfied with the length of each documentary which ranged from 7 to 10 minutes each. However, the extra segments (specifically David Cross eating dog) and the great music make up for the shortness. After watching this, I wanted to learn more about the specific documentaries. Hopefully VICE will come up with another installment after this. A great buy. Definitely pick this up if you’re interested in world issues or have a general curiosity.

The trailer to “The Vice Guide to Travel”:

– Jon


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