Paul Smith Exhibits Keiichi Tanaami Artwork

December 14, 2006


Paul Smith has just announced that they will be showcasing 16 of Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami’s silkscreened prints. This collection, known as Kamon, is heavily influenced by family crests and makes use of Tanaami’s recognizable high-colour ‘Pop Art’ style. Known for his psychedelic styles and recurring motifs of goldfish, pine trees and waves, Tanaami is highly regarded upon by many Japanese young contemporary artists.

Keiichi Tanaami also held an exhibition earlier this year displaying his most recent works as well as posters, videos and other works he produced dating back to 1960. These prints will be on display at the Mayfair shop located on 9, Albemarle Street as well as his newly opened flagship shop in Paris. Their online shop will also offer the prints, other highly collectible ‘Kamon’ books, t-shirt designs, cloths and vinyl toys for sale. Read the news from Paul Smith here.


Poster for the Keiichi Tanaami-ism exhibition earlier this year.



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