Horem pádem (Up and Down)

December 21, 2006


As Christmas holidays kicked off into full swing, I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of movies to watch. One of these was a 2004 Czech film Horem pádem, which was translated simply as Up and Down in English. Director Jan Hrebejk masterfully portrays the everyday lives of Czechs from different social backgrounds. The overall movie I’d say would fall into the Drama category, with an abundance of comic relief. The beauty of this film is how it seamlessly integrates the storylines of three groups of individual. The movie kicks off when smugglers of immigrants discover a baby in the back of their truck. Rather than heartlessly leaving the baby to die, they bring him to a pawn shop where he is to be put for sale. In another scene, a soccer hooligan’s wife desperate wants a baby but is unable to have one. They are also unable to adopt due to the husband’s criminal record stemming from soccer. And then there’s the story of a dying professor whose dying wish is to divorce his separated wife so that he can marry his girlfriend. These three stories inevitably coincide with one another throughout the movie. If ever you get the chance, this is one movie you should check out.



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