Nike Air Force 1 XXV Mychal Thompson

December 25, 2006

Thompson AF1

Check out these babies from the “Original Six: Mychal Thompson” Air Force 1 XXV series. The different combinations of material, colour, and unique print make this pair of Air Force 1 one of the best ever produced by Nike. From the looks of the pictures, it looks like Nike used the same material as they did for the Hemp Dunks released a few years back. This pair of AF1 is a must have for all you sneakers collectors out there who are looking for something unique and different. For more pictures, head over to

– A style


31 Responses to “Nike Air Force 1 XXV Mychal Thompson”

  1. Jeezy Says:

    Where can u buy this frm online

  2. sphieal Says:

    I think they’re still available at

  3. adelpho3 Says:

    Im definitly feeling them seeing that im from The Bahamas,i love the way they got all the colours of the flag togather with just a touch of yellow,they look alot like the hemps though,nike you really came through on this one,3 pairs for me.

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  12. Brooklynizednyc Says:

    I have a pair used mint email me at make me a offer I will send pics

  13. Brooklynizednyc Says:

    Sorry they are size 9.5 men’s

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  31. Bali tour Says:

    Thanks for share. My site bali tour

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