Afro Samurai

January 16, 2007


I don’t usually follow much anime but here’s one that really caught my attention. Afro Samurai, as the name suggests, is about a black samurai who seeks to avenge the murder of his father. Sounds like your typical story but what’s salient about this anime is that it features the voice of Samuel L. Jackson. As always Mr. Jackson voices many memorable quotes in his movies and Afro Samurai is of no exception. There are lines such as “AFRO! Don’t fight this fucker! He’s got arrows and grenades-n-shit!”. Afro Samurai also has an impressive soundtrack which boasts a lineup that includes RZA, Q-tip, Talib Kweli and Big Daddy Kane. Whether or not you’re an avid anime watcher, this is definitly one that’s worth checking out. Afro Samurai is currently airing on Spike TV.

[ Afro Samurai ]



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