Barking Irons

January 23, 2007


Even before the movie Gangs of New York was put out, designer brothers Daniel and Michael Casarella evoked a passion for 19th century New York history. They have a remarkable personal collection of clothing and other memorabilia that dates back to that era. From that stemmed their desire to create fashion label which includes t-shirts, cut and sew pieces, as well as jewelry for both men and women that take influence from 19th century New York. The label, Barking Irons, does a terrific job of sticking to their philosophy and theme for each and every product that they produce. As a result, they have garnered the attention of GQ, Nylon for Guys and The New York Times Magazine. Check out their collection at Barking Irons.


North River Ring


Tail Ring


Fulton Necklace



One Response to “Barking Irons”

  1. Goblin King Says:

    Yo, B’hoyo! Thats an ace job that.

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