Simply amazing. Those were the only two words I could conjure from my mind after seeing this. Hush Studios compiled a showreel of all their works with well known corporations. This fast paced clip blends a whole range of campaigns that Hush has done with companies such as Planters, Chili’s, Evian and National Geographic. Be sure to also check out their projects with Nike. Just click on Works from their page to watch them all.

[Hush Studios]




Just came across this impressive commercial by Shilo, one of the best known creative production studios in the world. It features the Samsung Blackjack smartphone, that will be available by Cingular. The commercial portrays the thinness of the Blackjack by using a visual analogy comparing it with a deck of cards. Check it out at Shilo Design.


Dewar’s Repeal Day

December 4, 2006


Relating to our name Speakeasy, here’s an interesting site honouring the repeal of prohibition created by Dewar’s, famous for their blended Scotch Whisky. On December 5th, 1933, the United States of America celebrated the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the U.S Constitution, repealing Prohibition. The site includes a PDF of the original New York Times article that appeared on December 5th, 1933, and a commercial of what life’s like without alcohol produced by Dewar’s. So check out the site if you’re genuinely interested in a history lesson or just want to be amused by an out of the ordinary marketing ploy. Oh, and if anyone from Dewar’s is reading this, please send some drinks our way so we can celebrate with you.

[Dewar’s Repeal Day]


Jordan TV Commercials

November 9, 2006

jordancommercials_speakeasy.jpg has a really impressive collection of television commercials for most of the Jordan shoes including the early days with Mars Blackmon. Many of these bring back nostalgic moments for me, as I enjoyed many of these commercials as a kid. These commercials are done extremely well, since Nike always works with the best creative agencies. All you Jordan fans can check it out here.



As you may all know, Jigga is back. With a new CD, “Kingdom Come”, on its pending release in November, Hov’s first single, produced by Just Blaze “Show Me What You Got” comes with a newly released music video. To no surprise, it’s very typical Jay-Z music video. There’s the nice car (Ferrari 430), the exotic location (Monte carlo, South France), the boat, the money, hm whatelse, hot video girls and of course, Crist… wait. What used to be a staple in his videos, particularly “Big Pimpin'”, Cristal, the prestigious champagne, was shunned by Jay-Z in the “Show Me What You Got” video.

Managing director Frederic Rouzaud of Cristal recently said the people in the Hip Hop culture were affecting its marque in a negative way. In retaliation, Jay-Z publicly denounce Cristal saying he will not drink the champagne nor will he promote it. As well, the various clubs that he owns will not serve the product either. Replacing Cristal in his videos was the French champagne, Armand De Brignac. Armand De Brignac is a lot more expensive (about $ 1000 US per bottle) but expect the company to see large profits due to Jay-Z’s name dropping.

Don’t expect all the rappers to do the same but Diddy already said “Fuck Cris”. Could this be a new trend? I guess it won’t be long until we see video girls getting drenched by Armand.

Click to view Jay-Z new video “Show Me What You Got”
Offical Website of Armand De Brignac

– Jon


With so many mass marketing ads around nowadays, advertisers find it more and more difficult to get noticed. Here are some really creative and clever ads that different companies have used in public spaces to grab the attention of people. More pictures of the creative ads can be seen here.


You’ve probably seen it already on the web or on someone elses blog but I had to post this commercial from Sony BRAVIA. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, (who’s famed from ‘Sexy Beast’ but most particular from his music videos which featured Radiohead, U.N.K.L.E, and Richard Ashcroft just to name a few) he does an amazing job on the ad which involved 70,000 litres of paint exploding in and around an apartment building. You have to feel for the crew as it took 6 days to clean the entire mess.

Regardless, the end result looks spectacular. I know it’s a commercial but to me, this is art at its finest. Music from Ludwig Van just adds a cherry on top of this masterpiece.

Here’s the commercial from Sony BRAVIA’s official site. Don’t you dare watch it on Youtube. Trust me it’s not the same.

While you’re on the BRAVIA site, you might as well check out the previous advertisement named ‘BRAVIA Balls‘, which featured 25,000 bouncing balls going down the streets of San Francisco.

[Image via Sony BRAVIA]

– Jon