Dot Dot Dash!

January 16, 2007


For all the toy fanatics out there, here’s Dot Dot Dash! which examines designer toys and action figures in relation to contemporary pop culture. The book also takes a look at the renowned artists who produce these collectibles. Jim Crawford, co-founder of Strange Co, which happens to be one of the largest distributors of designer toys contributes to the making of this book. Dot Dot Dash! is available at Die Gestalten.




December 20, 2006


First off, comics are not for kids anymore. The comic industry died in the 1990’s with Marvel and DC pushing out quantity and not quality. As a result, no ‘kids’ really read comics during the late 1990’s and the industry has been backed by adults and young adults. The stories are no longer the run-of-the-mill superhero type, saving a damsel in distress or defending the world from an alien invasion. Comics now deal with issues such as marital abuse, rape, and sexual orientation. Honestly, comics have never been better as IGN comics and many other critics share this claim. Often a bright star comes along from a small writer/artist group and flies under the radar. Meltdown written by David Schwartz and drawn by Sean Wang is one of these books. It starts off with an introduction to Cal, who is essentially the washed up ‘Human Torch’ of his universe. Throughout the comic, he deals with issues concerning acceptance with his new found power, the maniuplation of heat and fire. What makes Meltdown special is its character development. At the end of the book, you end up relating and feeling for a character you were just introduced to. Without spoiling much, this is definately a book to pick up (if you can find a copy). This could definately be a huge kick start to a successful career for David Schwartz.



The Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson,  famed in UK for his installation “The Weather Project” at the Tate Modern in 2003, has come out with a new book called “Your Engagement has Consequences”, documents in detail of his three exhibitions. ‘Your Light Shadow’, Hara Museum, Tokyo; ‘Notion Motion’, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, and ‘The Light Setup’, Malmø Konsthall are featured in his book, which was released earlier this year. “Your Engagement has Consequences” is a terrific ‘coffee table’ book and a great addition if you want to add some culture in your bookshelf.

– Jon

Just came across this while browsing Vice Magazine. The Rejection Collection is a compilation of cartoons that were pretty much rejected (my apologizes for a lack of a better word) from The New Yorker. The New Yorker, with a history of awards, mostly puts out stuff that’s witty and classy. Accordingly, some of these cartoons couldn’t be published because they were deemed ‘unappropriate’ or just simply did not make the cut. Well this book gives you a chance to take a look at them. Some are quite clever, but nonetheless most are good for a couple of cheap laughs. Check out some favourites by Vice and Eat The Press.



Written by Alife’s cofounder, Tony Arcabascio, “Now You Know”is 3 years of compiled short stories and articles he wrote when he was working for Arkitip magazine (which you may know from their exclusive limited edition catalogs).

“Now You Know” seems like a very interesting and humourous read. I’m tired of the mundane novel and I hardly have the patience to sit through one whole story. This is something I definitely would pick up when I’m in the need to procrastinate or feel the urge to read about something random. Artkitip describes the book as a “‘how to’ for the street smart”. So if you’re ever in the need to torch your boss’ car or looking to get some love from the ladies, you might want to check this out.

– Jon

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Tashen Architecture Series

November 10, 2006


Taschen brings a unique perspective to world architecture, displaying architectural trends by nation. Each book offers 15 to 20 architects with the focus on how they contributed to recent buildings in their nation. Entries include short biographies as well as terrific photography of the architects’ most significant recent projects. The France, United States and Japan editions are available this month while previous editions for the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland are available now. At $25 USD, you can’t really have an excuse not to own any of these essential reads.

– Jon

Adrian Alphona, co-creator and artist on the Marvel series Runaways, has released a new cover for the new Runaways Vol 2 Hardcover. The hardcover collects the first twelve issues of the second volume of the award-winning series the Runaways. The story talks about how a few teenagers realize, accidentally, that their parents are super villains. Soon they discover that they have superpowers of their own and need to make a choice whether to go against their parents. The series is an easy read and first printings for Runaways vol 1 have completely sold out. This is a highly recommended series and the creative and stylistic art only adds to this.