Dot Dot Dash!

January 16, 2007


For all the toy fanatics out there, here’s Dot Dot Dash! which examines designer toys and action figures in relation to contemporary pop culture. The book also takes a look at the renowned artists who produce these collectibles. Jim Crawford, co-founder of Strange Co, which happens to be one of the largest distributors of designer toys contributes to the making of this book. Dot Dot Dash! is available at Die Gestalten.



LED Message Mirror

December 24, 2006


This is something I need in the morning. Especially when I’m fanatically trying to make it on time for work or class, I wouldn’t mind having this LED message mirror from SUCK UK in my restroom. You can also customize the font and add special effects from a remote control or your PC. Although the only things you can display is the time, date and personalized messages, it still looks pretty cool and as long as you have 300 euros to blow, it seems like a great item (or one of those cool things you love to brag about) for your home. With this mirror available for retail sale, you can’t help but predict that soon enough we will have widgets on our mirror providing the essential information we need.

– Jon

Roberts Radio – Revival

December 21, 2006


I’m loving this retro looking radio created by UK manufacturers Roberts Radio. The radio called “Revival” is the proper throwback to the significant style of the 1950s. “Revival”‘s wooden cases are made by British craftsmen and covered with a choice of leatherette, real leather or suedette. It comes in various colours and available through their website.

– Jon


The Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson,  famed in UK for his installation “The Weather Project” at the Tate Modern in 2003, has come out with a new book called “Your Engagement has Consequences”, documents in detail of his three exhibitions. ‘Your Light Shadow’, Hara Museum, Tokyo; ‘Notion Motion’, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, and ‘The Light Setup’, Malmø Konsthall are featured in his book, which was released earlier this year. “Your Engagement has Consequences” is a terrific ‘coffee table’ book and a great addition if you want to add some culture in your bookshelf.

– Jon


This is by far the coolest looking turntable I’ve ever seen. Hand-made in Germany, the ClearAudio Master Reference turntable is perfect if you are serious about aesthetics and audio. The state-of-the-art turntable not only looks incredible but it offers a lot of features such as the Accurate Power Generator (APG) system for even platter speed and synchronizing of 3 separate motors, a six-pointed chassis that provides a perfect soundstage, a “Side-Force-Free” 3 belt drive arrangement, and a Master TQ-I Tonearm. This uniquely built and futuristic turntable does come with a hefty price tag. At $19,000 (USD), unless you’re making quality coin, perhaps you might want to stick with your Technics rather than spending a bundle of this ultra luxury item.


– Jon


Paul Smith has just announced that they will be showcasing 16 of Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami’s silkscreened prints. This collection, known as Kamon, is heavily influenced by family crests and makes use of Tanaami’s recognizable high-colour ‘Pop Art’ style. Known for his psychedelic styles and recurring motifs of goldfish, pine trees and waves, Tanaami is highly regarded upon by many Japanese young contemporary artists.

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December 14, 2006


Coming out of Finland, Marimekko is an à la mode textile company. The company is streamlined such that they design, manufacture, as well as market their clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and accessories. Their clothing line consists of classy and urbane designs for men, women and children, while their classic lines consist of timeless casual wear for everyone. Marimekko also has an extensive collection of textile fabrics applied to different fixtures around the house. Marimekko offers a variety of designs that range from the use of simplistic shades to corresponding blends of extravagant colours. Here’s the perfect place to find someone a Christmas gift as the company has items for just about everybody.


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The guys at InquiringMind and the whole Goodfoot/Nomad group have really blown up lately and we definitely give them respect representing our hometown of Toronto and the rest of Canada.

For those who have checked out the InquiringMind website lately, you might notice a complete revamped layout and webpage. The online street culture magazine has decided with a clean, minimal look compared to their previous website. The new presentation allows users easy access to their articles, gallery and event information. Check out the new look at InquiringMind.


– Jon

Visual Poetry

December 12, 2006


Great works from Visual Poetry at I don’t know about the artist and who made these pieces but they are truly worth checking out. They look incredible and definitely could fix that ugly wallpaper on your desktop. Definitely check out WALZ 57, a visual-sound research footage. Great use of motion, graphics and animation.

[Visual Poetry at]

– Jon

The Tap Project by UNICEF

December 11, 2006


The Tap Project did such a great job designing the bottle. The bottle clearly caught my attention due to the great aesthetics attributed to it. It goes to show how influential designs can be to any product or cause.

The Tap Project is a very interesting project coming from UNICEF. On March 22, 2007, the United Nations’ World Water Day, hundreds of restaurants in New York City, will invite their patrons to pay $1 for something they normally get for free. Tap water. Although one would wonder why they would paid for tap water, the funds collected will support UNICEF water programs, which provide safe drinking water to children around the world.

There are over 21% of children living in developing countries (most of them in Africa) do not have access to clean water. That’s more than one billion people. 80% of all illness and infant mortality is due to waterborne disease. The lack of clean water is the second largest killer of children under the age of 5.

With just $1 UNICEF can provide 40 litres of safe drinking water, enough to give one child safe drinking water for 40 days or 40 children safe for one day.With just a dollar, UNICEF can provide 100 water purification tablets to provide clean water for children in crisis situations.

On March 22, 2007, there are several dozen Manhattan restaurants participating in this project so make sure you go out to eat and buy a couple of bottles of tap water via The Tap Project to support the cause. I know its pretty early to mention this cause but its better to be informed early rather than not to be informed at all. Spread the word and remember on March 22, 2007.

[The Tap Project]

– Jon


Simply amazing. Those were the only two words I could conjure from my mind after seeing this. Hush Studios compiled a showreel of all their works with well known corporations. This fast paced clip blends a whole range of campaigns that Hush has done with companies such as Planters, Chili’s, Evian and National Geographic. Be sure to also check out their projects with Nike. Just click on Works from their page to watch them all.

[Hush Studios]


Ikepod Watches

December 6, 2006

IKEPOD watches, designed by Marc Newson, produces luxury wristwatches that differentiates them greatly from other traditional luxury wristwatch makers. Focused around simplistic designs and putting emphasis on organic harmony with the wearer, IKEPOD watches look to deliver a timepiece that fits fluidly around the wrist. The IKEPOD watchband joins together with the case appearing as a single interrupted whole. As a fan of chronograph watches, the one that appeals the most to me is the Megapode (above picture). IKEPOD definately does a good job bringing together simplicity along with elegance.


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Antas V8 GT

December 4, 2006


Say hello to the new Antas V8 GT. Created by Italians, Faralli & Mazzanti, the Antas V8 GT is truly unique. Not only is it entirely hand-crafted, the idea and prototype of this super-car was not even developed with any technology whatsoever. Just a couple of heads working together and a wild imagination led to this beautiful specimen of a vehicle. The Antas V8 derives directly from the Italian grand touring cars of the 1960’s and evokes what its creators call the golden era of Italian car design (1930-1960).

This 310 HP, 5-gear automobile accelerates frfrom 0-100 km/h in a timed 5 seconds and although many current vechicles can out-speed this car (a Ferrari Enzo just in case you’re wondering), the Antas V8 certainly wins my vote by its sheer look, design and terrific craftsmanship. No information as of yet when this automobile is available or its cost but I’m assuming it’s probably out of my reach. No harm in dreaming though.

[Progetto F&M – Antas V8 GT]

– Jon

José Parla is holding an exhibition of a series of his latest works under the title “Cityscapes” at Art Basel Miami Beach. The exhibition, which is presented by Spoonfed, will be open from December 6th to the 10th. Parla’s works address the idea of how urban cities are palimpsests and that many individuals who pass by throughout the years leave behind their mark that is inscribed in writing but worn out. José Parla recreates this in his works as he uses construction materials such as cement, wood, and vinyl, as well as those of traditional art like paper, paint, powdered dye, wax and ink. So, for those of you in Miami while the exhibition is taking place, I highly encourage you to take a look at the works of this talented artist.


PingMag has a new piece on the DISCOLOR exhibition held by Kiyoshi Kuroda who is known for the use of combining analogue and digital techniques in his works. His exhibition will be held from December 2nd to the 29th at Nanzuka Underground in Shibuya, Tokyo. Read the rest of this entry »


Surface To Air has released their 3rd publication which is comprised of 50 movie posters. 50 artists have been commissioned by Surface To Air to “recreate, reinterpret, reinvent, reshape, remix a poster for a film of their choosing”. The result is an impressive compilation of re-designed posters of movies spanning from the 1950s. The styles and techniques used for these posters vary greatly making this project all the more unique.

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Jack Spade Slingshot

November 23, 2006


I’ve always been a fan of Jack Spade, because of their minimal design and lasting products. Their products are practical and geared towards the use in the everyday life, so I was pretty surprised when I came across this Jack Spade slingshot. Hand carved from cedar wood with strong rubber slings and a suede cup, I would loved to have had this back in elementary school. Nonetheless, at $40 USD, this doesn’t seem too expensive for a luxury item, and could be one of those really cool but useless items you have lying around the house.


Over at The Cool Hunter, they have an interesting post on shoe stores around the world that have unique displays and merchandising techniques. Their readers send in pictures with some of the coolest setups and they will later feature the store in magazine print form. Check out their post with more of the few eye-catching displays here.


Timberland’s 10061.COM

November 21, 2006


The Timberland Company recently announced the launch of, a web site that celebrates the intersection of art and community. While focuses on an online creative collaboration with designers, artists and consumers to use the Timberland boot as a canvas, the most interesting aspect of the site is the “The Boroughs Project”.

Under the creative direction of Jeff Ng aka Jeff Staple (as you might know from his work and blog), features “The Boroughs Project” which brings together various designers/artists representing the five boroughs of New York City to each design a limited signature Timberland boot (which will be available for purchase, just in case you’re wondering). Artists include Jeff Staple himself, producer The RZA, painter Chris Mendoza, photographer Atsuko Tanaka and new media artist David “SKWERM” Ellis, created their own inpretation of the Timberland boot and incorporate their ideas/inspirations from the neighbourhoods of New York City.

Although I am not a huge fan of the Timberland brand or the boots created by the artists (i.e. The RZA’s glow- in-the-dark Tims), it is a very impressive campaign for Timberland in attempts to maintain its position in urban culture. The site alone is great to just explore. The ‘User Gallery’ features plenty of great artwork submitted by various people and as long as you’re at the site, my advice is to check out all the artists’ films in the ‘Art and Community’ section. It is essential. The short videos are well produced and entertaining. Definitely worth taking a look.

[ ]

– Jon


For all you Warhol fans out there, here’s some news which you may be interested in. The Andy Warhol Foundation is working with Campbell’s soup to produce a limited edition line of cans in Warhol’s distinct color treatments based on the late artist’s works. Keep your eyes peeled for when they will be released, because this will definately be one of the hottest collector’s items. Info via Supertouch.


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