LED Message Mirror

December 24, 2006


This is something I need in the morning. Especially when I’m fanatically trying to make it on time for work or class, I wouldn’t mind having this LED message mirror from SUCK UK in my restroom. You can also customize the font and add special effects from a remote control or your PC. Although the only things you can display is the time, date and personalized messages, it still looks pretty cool and as long as you have 300 euros to blow, it seems like a great item (or one of those cool things you love to brag about) for your home. With this mirror available for retail sale, you can’t help but predict that soon enough we will have widgets on our mirror providing the essential information we need.

– Jon


Roberts Radio – Revival

December 21, 2006


I’m loving this retro looking radio created by UK manufacturers Roberts Radio. The radio called “Revival” is the proper throwback to the significant style of the 1950s. “Revival”‘s wooden cases are made by British craftsmen and covered with a choice of leatherette, real leather or suedette. It comes in various colours and available through their website.

– Jon

Jorg&Olif Dutch Citybikes

December 19, 2006


With the recent emerging trend of cycling culture, here’s a look at a company that makes classic Dutch inspired bicycles. Jorg&Olif look to create sensible and stylish bikes that have been re-designed for North American cities. They look to bring the socially responsible aspect of riding bikes to the modern lifestyles. What’s impressive about Jorg&Olif is the amount of detailing they put on their bicycle parts. Whether you plan on taking this out for a leisure ride or to make errands, Jorg&Olif make cycling stylish again.


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M-ONE-11, Toronto

December 15, 2006


M-ONE-11‘s lone store outside Australia and New Zealand is located in Toronto’s hip Queen Street West district. The store is definitely one of my favorite stores to shop in the city. The store offers clothing labels you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in the area.

Brands such as Australian-based Mooks streetwear, FEIT sneakers as well as the surfboard company, INSIGHT. In addition to providing Australian-based brands, the store offers a great clothing line under their own label which is a leading Australian streetwear company. M-ONE-11’s mens and womens apparel features a quality collection of tees, jackets, shirts and other accessories such as hats and bags. The style of its clothing line is skater streetwear meets modern Bohemian with a Pacific influence.

M-ONE-11’s retail space is also used as an exhibition/gallery space on occasion. M-ONE-11 is very involved in Toronto’s art community and does a great job promoting local talent and artists. They are currently hosting an art auction featuring local artists benefiting Sketch, an organization creating opportunities for street involved and homeless people ages 15-29. If you’re in the neighbourhood next Thursday, M-ONE-11 is hosting an Auction Closing Party at 7pm. Thursday December 21st, 2006 7PM-9PM (Auction closes at 9pm) Definitely check this store out if you happen to be in downtown Toronto area.

M-ONE-11, 561 Queen Street West. Toronto, Canada

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The Cool Hunter Magazine

December 14, 2006


The Cool Hunter, one of the web’s premier trend forecasting websites has expanded its brand incredibly as of late. What started as just an online trend reporting service, The Cool Hunter became a syndication as a weekly column in various magazines/newspapers around the world. With its popularity and its huge reader base, it has given them an opportunity to produce their every own television show called “The Assistants” and very recently, they have signed a publishing deal to release their own set of books including “Sleeping Beauties – The World’s Coolest Hotel Rooms”. The book will feature the finest and coolest hotel rooms the world has to offer.

Now, it seems The Cool Hunter has solidifed their brand by launching their very own self-titled magazine. The magazine will be a 50-60 page monthly publication and will be available free along with various fashion, design and lifestyle magazines. It will also be available in hotels, stores and retailers globally.

Releasing in early 2007, The Cool Hunter magazine will cover the same globe covering genres as the online version. Topics such as fashion, music, urban living, designer and culutural trends.

– Jon


Home to many several and unique concept stores, Hong Kong always has something fresh to offer in terms of shop designs to attract customers and different clientale. For all those that are in HK, if you’ve passed by the countless stores on Russell Street in Causeway Bay, you may have noticed a changed at the Levi’s store. Levi’s, following suit to popular brand, Agnes B, has just opened a small cafe.

The inside, which shields customers from the busy streets and the massive hordes of people, offers an environment where you can enjoy food and drinks while marveling at Levi’s products and their latest Japanese designed denim. From the looks of it, the atmosphere looks really modern, stylish yet intimate. It’s definitely an innovative concept to keep customers in the Levi’s store.

Check out more pics from Oh Magazine or go check the store out yourself if you happen to be in Hong Kong.

Levi’s Styling Concept Cafe, Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


The Vice Guide To Travel

December 11, 2006


When VICE decided to produce a travel guide, you had to have a slight hunch it wasn’t going to have the same content you’d expect in your typical Fodor’s or Lonely Planet. Known for its controversial content, VICE often provides an ironic pose on today’s world and society. So instead of visiting Disneyland or Rome, VICE decided to visit the most fucked up locations on this planet. Places you don’t hear about. The idea turned into The VICE Guide To Travel, which features 7 short documentaries of the best places NOT to visit.

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As you all may know, it is the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Force One. This Sunday (December 10th), Nike will hold an invite-only party in New York to celebrate this anniversary. Rappers Kanye West, Nas, Rakim and KRS-One will perform a new unreleased song dedicated to the Air Force One. This song will be produced by Rick Rubin, known for his production of Run DMC’s hit song My Adidas back in the 80’s. Dave Chappelle, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Rihanna, Usher and Spike Lee are among the celebrities and athletes who are invited to the event. Read more at AllHipHop.


Jack Spade Slingshot

November 23, 2006


I’ve always been a fan of Jack Spade, because of their minimal design and lasting products. Their products are practical and geared towards the use in the everyday life, so I was pretty surprised when I came across this Jack Spade slingshot. Hand carved from cedar wood with strong rubber slings and a suede cup, I would loved to have had this back in elementary school. Nonetheless, at $40 USD, this doesn’t seem too expensive for a luxury item, and could be one of those really cool but useless items you have lying around the house.


Timberland’s 10061.COM

November 21, 2006


The Timberland Company recently announced the launch of 10061.com, a web site that celebrates the intersection of art and community. While 10061.com focuses on an online creative collaboration with designers, artists and consumers to use the Timberland boot as a canvas, the most interesting aspect of the site is the “The Boroughs Project”.

Under the creative direction of Jeff Ng aka Jeff Staple (as you might know from his work and blog), 10061.com features “The Boroughs Project” which brings together various designers/artists representing the five boroughs of New York City to each design a limited signature Timberland boot (which will be available for purchase, just in case you’re wondering). Artists include Jeff Staple himself, producer The RZA, painter Chris Mendoza, photographer Atsuko Tanaka and new media artist David “SKWERM” Ellis, created their own inpretation of the Timberland boot and incorporate their ideas/inspirations from the neighbourhoods of New York City.

Although I am not a huge fan of the Timberland brand or the boots created by the artists (i.e. The RZA’s glow- in-the-dark Tims), it is a very impressive campaign for Timberland in attempts to maintain its position in urban culture. The site alone is great to just explore. The ‘User Gallery’ features plenty of great artwork submitted by various people and as long as you’re at the site, my advice is to check out all the artists’ films in the ‘Art and Community’ section. It is essential. The short videos are well produced and entertaining. Definitely worth taking a look.

[ 10061.com ]

– Jon

Musique Concrete

November 18, 2006

As part of the Article exhibition that is taking place in Norway this week, Simon Morris shows his Musique Concrete project. This project combines sounds to the real-time movements of skateboarding. Sensors mounted on the bottom of the skateboards respond to the vibrations, accelerations and rotations. In turn, these sensors triggers real-time sounds detected from the movements of the skateboarder and sent to a wireless connected computer via radio protocol. So pretty much, while skateboarding, you can compose rhythms and songs by your movements. Read more here.


Tom Dixon Chair

November 16, 2006


Last week, we took a look at the Tom Dixon Lacoste golf shirts. Here’s the ‘Slouch’ chair he’s created with extra-padded seat and a honeycomb pattern. These have not been produced yet, but it will surely be a hit when it comes out. Info from Wallpaper magazine.


Puma’s 96 Hours

November 11, 2006


96 Hours is the end result of the collaboration from German sportwear company Puma and designer Neil Barrett. The collection is urban, smart and targeted towards the style conscious on-the-go traveler. In my opinion, the philosophy behind the brand strikes a strong similarity to Puma’s native rival Adidas and their collaboration project with Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3. 

Although it seems Adidas has already reached this particular market, it’s nice to Puma stepping out of their element and trying to branch out to other elements such as higher end street fashion. The collection to me seems very casual and minimal, which ranges from zip jackets and hoodies to footwear and travel accessories that include a line of luggage and messenger bags.

96 Hours men’s and women’s collections are available now in selected cities. However, if you happen to live in a largely populated city or a big commercial market, you probably won’t have trouble finding for it. (It’s a shame it’s not available for us, Canadians) For the list of retail shops carrying Puma’s 96 Hours brand or a view of the current collection, go and head on to 96 Hours.

– Jon


Written by Alife’s cofounder, Tony Arcabascio, “Now You Know”is 3 years of compiled short stories and articles he wrote when he was working for Arkitip magazine (which you may know from their exclusive limited edition catalogs).

“Now You Know” seems like a very interesting and humourous read. I’m tired of the mundane novel and I hardly have the patience to sit through one whole story. This is something I definitely would pick up when I’m in the need to procrastinate or feel the urge to read about something random. Artkitip describes the book as a “‘how to’ for the street smart”. So if you’re ever in the need to torch your boss’ car or looking to get some love from the ladies, you might want to check this out.

– Jon

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Here’s a crazy/fun hotel to visit and perhaps stay in if you are ever in Berlin. The Properller Island City Lodge is a 30+room hotel but resembles a carnival funhouse more. The hotel has eccentric theme rooms such as a ‘mirror room’, where as the name hints, a room made up of many mirrors. Another room houses a circular bed which can be set in motion by a pedal. Pretty crazy if you ask me, but definately a place I’d stay a couple of nights if I had the chance. Check out more photots of their rooms at their site.


EXILE Cigars

November 9, 2006


Cuban Imports, Inc. recently introduced EXILE® – a rare and exquistie cigar brand that celebrates the traditions of pre-embargo Cuban cigar making. EXILE® is comprised of aged, rich blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos delivering a rich and complex character with a spicy-sweet finish. Presented in a rustic 24 count box with a suggested retail price ranging from $5.50 to $8.50 per cigar (which isn’t bad at all in my opinion), each EXILE® cigar is delicately covered in a paper reproduction of the February 4th, 1962 headline page of the New York Daily Mirror declaring President John F. Kennedy’s enactment of the Cuban embargo. I haven’t tried them out personally so I can’t be sold by their quality and taste but the overall packagin alone looks to be a winner.

EXILE® will be available at fine tabacconists throughout North America.

– Jon

Corzo Tequila

November 8, 2006


Once in a whlie, a product comes by and catches your eye because of some sort of distinct packaging. Although not really a new product, Corzo Tequila is definately be one of them The clean and minimal design gives the bottle a stylish look, reflecting the premium tequila inside. Corzo uses a patented process which allows the tequila to distill after aging. In fact, Corzo is the only distilled tequila in the market (that I know of), offering a smoother taste. And to top it off, they have a pretty impressive site that offers more information on their product and processes. Check it out here.



Vapors Magazine, which explores the various aspects of street couture is making their magazine available to read in digital format. All you have to do is simply register with an e-mail address and they will verify it by sending out an e-mail. Read the 2 latest issues at Vapors Magazine.


A look at Tokyo Design Week

November 2, 2006


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Just came across this on Urbanlook.com via Hypebeast. French design guru Philippe Starck and Hong Kong graffiti artist/designer/rapper MC Yan will work together to design the new Volar Club opening in Shanghai. I believe that it will be located Fuxing Park, in the same vicinity as Park 97 and Guandi. Like the Volar of Hong Kong, the club will attract Shanghai’s most prominent clientele as it will require membership.