PingMag introduced and conducted an interview with Japanese artist Kazuhiko Kawahara, otherwise known as Palla. With a background in architecture, Palla took interest in photography and naturally he was led to taking pictures of cityscape structures. In addition, he would make adjustments to the photos by duplicating layers and rotating or flipping it over the original image. The result is a pleasing array of lines and patterns of urban structures. From the interview, you can get a sense that Palla puts a lot of thought into each piece, as it requires meticulous judgment on his part of how much to shift the images. All of his works dating back to 2002 are available on his weblog

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The newest feature at Beinghunted shows us the work of Henrik K├╝rschner as he explores the illuminating night scenes of Berlin, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The photographs are amazingly vivid. Check them out yourself here.



October 27, 2006


Incredible panoramic photos (not panoramas) from Michele Lugaresi. A portfolio of several cities such as Tokyo, Paris and Barcelona.



Interesting photography from a great photographer named Arthur Fellig (1899-1968). Arthur Fellig, otherwise known as Weegee, contributed images of murder, mayhem, and drama to New York’s press through the 1930’s and 40’s. Weegee derived his name from the phonetic spelling of Ouija, claiming that psychic powers enabled him to be the first at crime scenes, fires, etc.


Weegee’s photography is widely acclaimed and respected in both the art and journalism communities. Weegee’s first published work, Naked City (1945), became the inspiration for the 1948 movie, Naked City, and later the title of a TV drama series. He had no formal photographic training but was a self-taught photographer and relentless self-promoter. He was later included in many MoMA shows, and he lectured at the New School for Social Research. He also undertook advertising and editorial assignments for Life and Vogue magazines, among others.


Not bad for a man who maintained a complete darkroom in his trunk of his car. Seriously. Legends such as Stanley Kubrick and Joe Pesci were influenced by the American photographer. Click here for more photos of Weegee’s work.