The Cool Hunter Magazine

December 14, 2006


The Cool Hunter, one of the web’s premier trend forecasting websites has expanded its brand incredibly as of late. What started as just an online trend reporting service, The Cool Hunter became a syndication as a weekly column in various magazines/newspapers around the world. With its popularity and its huge reader base, it has given them an opportunity to produce their every own television show called “The Assistants” and very recently, they have signed a publishing deal to release their own set of books including “Sleeping Beauties – The World’s Coolest Hotel Rooms”. The book will feature the finest and coolest hotel rooms the world has to offer.

Now, it seems The Cool Hunter has solidifed their brand by launching their very own self-titled magazine. The magazine will be a 50-60 page monthly publication and will be available free along with various fashion, design and lifestyle magazines. It will also be available in hotels, stores and retailers globally.

Releasing in early 2007, The Cool Hunter magazine will cover the same globe covering genres as the online version. Topics such as fashion, music, urban living, designer and culutural trends.

– Jon


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New Tribe has finally launched their new website by changing everything to a flash interface. Still, I’m pretty dissappointed though, Read the rest of this entry »


As you may all know, Jigga is back. With a new CD, “Kingdom Come”, on its pending release in November, Hov’s first single, produced by Just Blaze “Show Me What You Got” comes with a newly released music video. To no surprise, it’s very typical Jay-Z music video. There’s the nice car (Ferrari 430), the exotic location (Monte carlo, South France), the boat, the money, hm whatelse, hot video girls and of course, Crist… wait. What used to be a staple in his videos, particularly “Big Pimpin'”, Cristal, the prestigious champagne, was shunned by Jay-Z in the “Show Me What You Got” video.

Managing director Frederic Rouzaud of Cristal recently said the people in the Hip Hop culture were affecting its marque in a negative way. In retaliation, Jay-Z publicly denounce Cristal saying he will not drink the champagne nor will he promote it. As well, the various clubs that he owns will not serve the product either. Replacing Cristal in his videos was the French champagne, Armand De Brignac. Armand De Brignac is a lot more expensive (about $ 1000 US per bottle) but expect the company to see large profits due to Jay-Z’s name dropping.

Don’t expect all the rappers to do the same but Diddy already said “Fuck Cris”. Could this be a new trend? I guess it won’t be long until we see video girls getting drenched by Armand.

Click to view Jay-Z new video “Show Me What You Got”
Offical Website of Armand De Brignac

– Jon


October 17, 2006


I’m loving what ShuffleArt is doing with our beloved Apple products. ShuffleArt designed various unique skins as if the Ipod and MacBooks/Pros don’t look nice enough. The skin is a soft vinyl film which protects against scratches. The best feature about it is that it leaves no resuide when removed and its reuseable when you get tired of the old thing.

– Jon

SSUR x Kangol Hats

October 14, 2006

The weather’s getting cold and you’re definitely going to need something to cover that head of yours. Especially if you’re braving the cold winters of Toronto. For something a bit different, you might want to check out these SSUR x Kangol hats. SSUR, a New York based company/store recently joined forces with famous hat-wear company, Kangol, to create three hats. A black fedora, a grey Russian-inspired hat as well as a grey cap headline the interesting collaboration.

– Jon

New Head Porter gear

October 14, 2006

Honeyee gives us a glipse of the new collections from Head Porter which includes a Burberry-esque line known as ‘Lesson 06’. Not really a fan of this pattern but different nonetheless. Other new lines include ‘Shiny’ and ‘Fur’. Definately fresh for the start of new school season and upcoming winter months ahead. Check it out under the Feature section at


Check out Nom De Guerre‘s Fall/Winter 2006 collection. The company, meaning “Name of War”, started out as a high end street boutique which provided designer street/urban wear for girls/guys. The store, based in New York, supplied brands like Yoko Devereaux, Ojis, Rogan, A.P.C and Society’s child. This helped spawn their own in-house design label.

Led by Creative Director & Part Owner Holly Harnsongkram, Nom De Guerre features T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, and more. Their reputation and credibility of creating quality and stylish clothing collection has allowed them to become one of the premium labels when it comes to high end urban street wear.

Press from the New York media and a rave throughout many Internet outlets such as Hypebeast has given them a great reputation and credibility in several urban and fashion industries. You’ll be sure to be hearing a lot more of Nom De Guerre in the near future.

Check out their Fall/Winter 2006 collection here.