Colette x Lacoste

January 31, 2007


For Colette’s 10th anniversary, Colette has teamed with Lacoste to create a limited edition series of polos and sneakers. There will be 14 different designs for each of the polos featuring the characters Caperino and Peperone. Colette will be releasing a different polo each day for 14 days. Also, Colette and Lacoste are coming out with a new pair of sneakers. These will available at Colette’s on March 1st. The sneakers retail for 100 – 120 euros, while the polos go for 140 euros each.

– A style



10 Responses to “Colette x Lacoste”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Where can I buy these shoes?

  2. ida Says:

    Well Lisa i wonder the same. I just love these shoes and i will pay and price for them!! please tell me where i can buy them!

  3. mariana Says:

    very good (le fragance)

  4. prisca Says:

    in which shop can I buy these shoes

  5. a boy Says:

    are this shoes for boys or for girls?

  6. Mike Says:

    where can I buy this shoe?
    I really want to buy this shoe.

  7. masango mf Says:

    lacoste i muse and prognostate is the only brand that is conguous and that can any person can afford

  8. DIma Says:

    where i can buy this shoes

  9. mr richard Says:

    am mr richard i will like to order some of your product company and i will like at know the cost of one and try to mail me with the total cost of 20 pieces and if you like to except me paying with credit card payment.
    from Mr Richard

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