Colette x Lacoste

January 31, 2007


For Colette’s 10th anniversary, Colette has teamed with Lacoste to create a limited edition series of polos and sneakers. There will be 14 different designs for each of the polos featuring the characters Caperino and Peperone. Colette will be releasing a different polo each day for 14 days. Also, Colette and Lacoste are coming out with a new pair of sneakers. These will available at Colette’s on March 1st. The sneakers retail for 100 – 120 euros, while the polos go for 140 euros each.

– A style

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Maggie Q

Here is a picture of the up-coming collaboration tee by Neighborhood x Clot. The thing that makes this tee so unique is that famous international actress Maggie Q will be feature on the black of this tee. The tee will be release on January 31st @ Juice HK. The number of shirts available will be very limited. Price $880 HK.

– A style

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Complex shows us the Vans crossover with the 3 shops DQM, HUF, and Kicks/Hi. A couple of months ago, these were floating around the net and were rumored to not be released but I guess they’re out according to Complex. From the pic, the chukka boot collaborations with the 3 stores look really good. At $95, they won’t break your bank as well, so pick ’em up if you have the chance.


Ecsotype Bag

January 8, 2007


As of late, I’ve really been feeling Boston bags and here’s one that caught my eye via Josh Spear. From Australia, Ecsotype makes various types of bags making use of a glossy look on leather. The ‘School’ model masterfully combines glossy ‘pull-up’ cowhide, marine spliced rope, stainless steel hardware, and woven webbing to create a magnificent bag for all purposes.


Atmos BonBon Knit Caps

December 27, 2006


I just came across these Atmos BonBon Knit Caps at High Snobiety and I must say that I am really feeling these. Atmos does a really good job of making these toques look cool while having a ‘bon bon’ at the top that reminisces people’s kindergarten days. They are available at Atmos now so get ’em before they’re sold out.


Mad Mack 6 Boots

December 20, 2006


With the winter season underway, here’s a couple of colourways for the Mad Mack 6 boots. Japanese brands Madfoot! and Mackdaddy collaborated to spawn this Mad Mack 6 model. They’re currently available at ZOZO. Info/pics from Kix-files.



The release of Nintendo’s DS Lite has brought a lot of interest back to Nintendo’s portable consoles. Japanese casual clothing and accessories brand United Arrows has created several pouches for the DS Lite. Instead of just creating a pouch for performance and everyday use, United Arrows creates a fashionable item to go with the DS Lite. The line contains a pouch with a leather woven design giving it a real luxurious look. Here’s their complete lineup for all their pouches.

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M-ONE-11, Toronto

December 15, 2006


M-ONE-11‘s lone store outside Australia and New Zealand is located in Toronto’s hip Queen Street West district. The store is definitely one of my favorite stores to shop in the city. The store offers clothing labels you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in the area.

Brands such as Australian-based Mooks streetwear, FEIT sneakers as well as the surfboard company, INSIGHT. In addition to providing Australian-based brands, the store offers a great clothing line under their own label which is a leading Australian streetwear company. M-ONE-11’s mens and womens apparel features a quality collection of tees, jackets, shirts and other accessories such as hats and bags. The style of its clothing line is skater streetwear meets modern Bohemian with a Pacific influence.

M-ONE-11’s retail space is also used as an exhibition/gallery space on occasion. M-ONE-11 is very involved in Toronto’s art community and does a great job promoting local talent and artists. They are currently hosting an art auction featuring local artists benefiting Sketch, an organization creating opportunities for street involved and homeless people ages 15-29. If you’re in the neighbourhood next Thursday, M-ONE-11 is hosting an Auction Closing Party at 7pm. Thursday December 21st, 2006 7PM-9PM (Auction closes at 9pm) Definitely check this store out if you happen to be in downtown Toronto area.

M-ONE-11, 561 Queen Street West. Toronto, Canada

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New 10 Deep at Commonwealth

December 15, 2006


I was just browsing the Commonwealth site and came across new 10 Deep items. Now as one of New York’s original “underground” brands, 10 Deep has always consistently produced really hot clothing and accessories. So I wasn’t too surprise when I saw their new arrivals.

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Home to many several and unique concept stores, Hong Kong always has something fresh to offer in terms of shop designs to attract customers and different clientale. For all those that are in HK, if you’ve passed by the countless stores on Russell Street in Causeway Bay, you may have noticed a changed at the Levi’s store. Levi’s, following suit to popular brand, Agnes B, has just opened a small cafe.

The inside, which shields customers from the busy streets and the massive hordes of people, offers an environment where you can enjoy food and drinks while marveling at Levi’s products and their latest Japanese designed denim. From the looks of it, the atmosphere looks really modern, stylish yet intimate. It’s definitely an innovative concept to keep customers in the Levi’s store.

Check out more pics from Oh Magazine or go check the store out yourself if you happen to be in Hong Kong.

Levi’s Styling Concept Cafe, Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong



The guys at InquiringMind and the whole Goodfoot/Nomad group have really blown up lately and we definitely give them respect representing our hometown of Toronto and the rest of Canada.

For those who have checked out the InquiringMind website lately, you might notice a complete revamped layout and webpage. The online street culture magazine has decided with a clean, minimal look compared to their previous website. The new presentation allows users easy access to their articles, gallery and event information. Check out the new look at InquiringMind.


– Jon

liful.JPG Liful is one of the first streetwear brands that I heard of coming out of South Korea. Their designs are really eye-catching especially the Contour Line Zip Hoodie. It’s really good to see some fresh companies from around the world popping up. It definately allows for different influences from various cultures to be brought into the streetwear industry. I feel that Liful’s gonna garner a lot of attention from the streetwear scene so be on the lookout for them. Info and pics courtesy of BigMag via Hypebeast.


Atmos 501

Levi’s and Atmos have teamed up again to introduce two new exclusive pairs of 501xx and S501xx jeans. Both pairs of jeans have a unique design which makes this a must-have for all you Levi’s and Atmos fans out there. The 501xx and S501xx are available at Atmos Online.

– A style

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Vestal Wallets

November 28, 2006


Just came across these wallets at the Vestal website. I was really impressed with the designs and was actually more surprised at the low price that they’re selling for. Read the rest of this entry »

Evil Monito

After sponsoring the K-Spray tour for the past two years, K-Swiss marks its commitment to the stencil art community by introducing the Logan Hicks-designed shoe. This marks a joint venture between Logan Hicks, K-Swiss, Evil Monito, and Blackbooks Stencils.

The shoe features faux patent croc leather, a translucent red mid-sole, and a premium pigskin interior. The fabric portion of the shoe uses one of Logan’s signature designs, which is also found throughout the packaging. The shoeboxes are hand-crafted through a multi-step process: using the same signature design in the shoe, the stencil on the box is cut by laser and then the pattern is applied by hand to the interior and exterior of the box. This unique approach ensures that no two boxes are exactly alike because of the variations that occur when stenciling. The box is then signed and numbered to guarantee the exclusivity of the edition.

The shoes are limited to 216 pairs and comes with an embroidered felt shoe bag and matching Logan Hicks shirt. These babies are available online exclusively through the Evil Monito Store. Retail cost of the shoe is $150 which includes shipping within US. An additional 400 pairs of shoes are available through select retail outlets in Asia, Australia, and the US.

– A style

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New items @ Methamphibian

November 22, 2006


Methamphibian has been known for his amazing artwork, crazy style and unique designs. Check out these new one of a kind items, including a jacket and short sleeve button-up by Methamphibian. They are available at their online store. Get your hands on them before they’re all sold out.

Also, Methamphibian has just announced the date for the first 2 colorways of the DC x Methamphibian shoes. They will be available on December 3rd at Brooklyn Projects in Los Angeles and In4mation in Hawaii.


– A Style

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A while ago, Stussy created a documentary film called the “World Tour” which takes a look at 16 artists who influence street culture around the world. Last month, there was a screening of this documentary at the Vista theater in Los Angeles. For the most of us who haven’t seen it yet, here’s a short preview of what you can expect. From the looks of this, it looks really well done.


Timberland’s 10061.COM

November 21, 2006


The Timberland Company recently announced the launch of, a web site that celebrates the intersection of art and community. While focuses on an online creative collaboration with designers, artists and consumers to use the Timberland boot as a canvas, the most interesting aspect of the site is the “The Boroughs Project”.

Under the creative direction of Jeff Ng aka Jeff Staple (as you might know from his work and blog), features “The Boroughs Project” which brings together various designers/artists representing the five boroughs of New York City to each design a limited signature Timberland boot (which will be available for purchase, just in case you’re wondering). Artists include Jeff Staple himself, producer The RZA, painter Chris Mendoza, photographer Atsuko Tanaka and new media artist David “SKWERM” Ellis, created their own inpretation of the Timberland boot and incorporate their ideas/inspirations from the neighbourhoods of New York City.

Although I am not a huge fan of the Timberland brand or the boots created by the artists (i.e. The RZA’s glow- in-the-dark Tims), it is a very impressive campaign for Timberland in attempts to maintain its position in urban culture. The site alone is great to just explore. The ‘User Gallery’ features plenty of great artwork submitted by various people and as long as you’re at the site, my advice is to check out all the artists’ films in the ‘Art and Community’ section. It is essential. The short videos are well produced and entertaining. Definitely worth taking a look.

[ ]

– Jon

Undercover ’07 Tee

November 20, 2006


Here’s a t-shirt from Undercover 2007 Spring/Summer collection. The graphic and especially the colours really caught my eye when I first saw it. Hopefully we will see more of the same high quality designs in the rest of the 2007 items. Original image/info from here.



I just came across these at The Hideout Store. New models of the Visvim FBT Ancestors and Mowat Moccasins. Personally, the FBT Ancestors are one of my favourite models. The Ancestors come in Black, Brown, Sand and Snow Beige while the Mowats are available in Black, Brown and Sand. Two great pairs of shoes for the winter season. See more here.