December 20, 2006


First off, comics are not for kids anymore. The comic industry died in the 1990’s with Marvel and DC pushing out quantity and not quality. As a result, no ‘kids’ really read comics during the late 1990’s and the industry has been backed by adults and young adults. The stories are no longer the run-of-the-mill superhero type, saving a damsel in distress or defending the world from an alien invasion. Comics now deal with issues such as marital abuse, rape, and sexual orientation. Honestly, comics have never been better as IGN comics and many other critics share this claim. Often a bright star comes along from a small writer/artist group and flies under the radar. Meltdown written by David Schwartz and drawn by Sean Wang is one of these books. It starts off with an introduction to Cal, who is essentially the washed up ‘Human Torch’ of his universe. Throughout the comic, he deals with issues concerning acceptance with his new found power, the maniuplation of heat and fire. What makes Meltdown special is its character development. At the end of the book, you end up relating and feeling for a character you were just introduced to. Without spoiling much, this is definately a book to pick up (if you can find a copy). This could definately be a huge kick start to a successful career for David Schwartz.