Elite Bar – Shanghai

October 29, 2006


While in Shanghai over the summer, I came across a new bar that was to open in the New Factories area called Elite Bar. The New Factories district is a new and upcoming development where trendy bars and restaurants will be built. The establishment of Elite Bar has been commissioned by none other than the renouned Elite Model Management, which has helped build the names of icons such as Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. Many evenings, the bar will boast the presence of celebrities, fashionists, stars and social elite. The bar will actually have a 12 metre hydraulic catwalk, 3 LED screens, and a professionally trained waitstaff service comprised of models. Elite Bar has been opened for almost two months now, so check it out if you are in Shanghai. More info at SmartShanghai.com.




2 Responses to “Elite Bar – Shanghai”

  1. copyboy123 Says:

    Nice review Phil.


  2. Bfmoefwu Says:

    d0usi3 comment2 ,

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